Product Management

There are three ways to manage product settings: By Product in the WooCommerce Product Pages Through the ‘Bulk Edit’ in the Shelf Planner Product Management pages By downloading/uploading Excel Files. In the following chapter we’ll describe all three options. 1. Bulk Edit The Bulk Edit table allows you to change […]

Splitting Back Orders for WooCommerce

Activation Back Order Management To activate the splitting of back orders, go to ‘Back Orders’ in the main Shelf Planner menu. Here you can activate the splitting of back orders by ticking the box ‘enable backorder’. NOTE: Also by product, back orders have to be activated: Splitting Back Orders When […]

Category Mapping

Shelf Planner is the first Inventory Management solution for WooCommerce using advanced forecasting and machine learning technology. Our forecasting engine generates a probabilistic forecast for each product, for every day of the week. Together with stock information, supplier’s lead-times and a bunch of other parameters, we calculate a so ‘called […]

Parameter Settings

Category Mapping After installing Shelf Planner, a generic forecast is created for each and every product. However, the quality of the forecast will improve significantly, if your store’s categories are mapped to so called customers segments. Shelf Planner calculates the forecast for each product individually, but when the Shelf Planner […]

Purchase Order Settings

General Information Layouts and content for your Purchase Orders can be managed in the Settings –> PO Settings. Leave the data fields empty if you don’t want to the information to be shown on the PDF. PO Prefix Change the PO Prefix and PO Numbers at will. Choose the option […]

Mass Product Editor

In the Product Management pages in Shelf Planner, you can upload product information through Excel files. Download Sample Download a sample to see what fields can be imported by the mass upload. Any changes you make in the WooCommerce product pages are automatically updated and saved. Import Any updates you […]

Cost Price

This articles describes how to set cost prices for your products, using the Product fields in WooCommerce, or by using the Shelf Planner Product Management mass editor. The Unit Cost Price can be set in the WooCommerce product pages. It will automatically calculate Stock Value for the product, if the […]

Ideal Stock

Ideal Stock Maintaining anĀ optimal or ideal stock level in your storeĀ is essential for avoiding extra storage costs and maintaining your gross profit and margins. Shelf Planner uses and ideal stock instead of classic min/max parameters, using the total demand for your products (sales forecast), incoming stock and your supplier’s lead […]

Create A Purchase Order

This article will illustrate how to create a Purchase Order (PO). For information about PO Status, please have a look at the article Purchase Order Status. Create A Purchase Order Creating a Purchase Order in Shelf Planner requires you have set up suppliers for your products and also have updated […]