Create A Purchase Order

This article will illustrate how to create a Purchase Order (PO).

For information about PO Status, please have a look at the article Purchase Order Status.

Create A Purchase Order

Creating a Purchase Order in Shelf Planner requires you have set up suppliers for your products and also have updated the cost price for your products.

In the Shelf Planner menu Purchase Orders –> New Order, filter the column by selecting a Supplier.

Create PO

The table is populated with a current stock view of your supplier;

  • Ideal Stock – the ideal stock for this product, based on your forecast and product settings.
  • Current Stock – current stock on hand
  • Order Proposal – the order volume proposed by Shelf Planner based on your forecast and product settings.

Enter the required order quantities in the column Order Volume.

Cost Price for the order will be calculated

After creating a PO, print or save the autogenerated PDF.

Layout and changes to content for the PDF can be managed in the PO Settings.

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