Forecast Generation

After installation of the plugin, an Installation Wizard will take you through a couple of steps to let us better understand your store and business model.

For example, we use different algorithms for Business to Business companies than for ‘brick-and-mortar’ retailers or online retailers.

Once the installation is completed, we start processing your store’s transactional data and generate a sales forecast. We typically use 1 year of history, if available. If this history is not available, we use our proprietary matching algorithms to create your store’s forecast.

Depending on how many items you have in your assortment, or the amount of transactions the processing time can take anything from 2-3 minutes to 2 hours.

This process runs in the background and does not impact your store’s performance or any other activities you plan to do whilst waiting.

You can track the progress of this in the page ‘Integrations’: