Set Up Your Store

Shelf Planner Installation Wizard

After installing the Shelf Planner plugin, you will be guided through a few steps to help you set up your store.


Specifying the industry for your store will help us to better identify patterns and trends specific for the different segments of consumer goods.

For example, products sold in Pet Stores behave quite differently from products sold in Drinks & Beverages.

Business Model

By specifying your business model, we can better predict order patterns from your customers.

Typically, Business to Business models work with different payment terms, delivery terms and order patterns than Business to Consumer.

Assortment Size

The Assortment Size, the ‘breadth and width’ of your assortment, has a significant impact on profitability and overall performance.

Shelf Planner provides insights and reports that should help you optimize your revenue, margin and profitability.

Complete the Installation

After completing the installation, we will run a first analyses of your products based. This process might take everything from 10 seconds to 1 minute, depending on the amount of products you carry in your store and the amount of historical orders present in your database.

Once the process is completed, you will find a preliminary forecast and order proposal for all of your products.

However, it is important to spend some time on mapping your store’s categories to the default customer segments, to get a forecast that is as accurate as possible.

Parameters & Product Information


An important step in setting up your store is to map your store’s Categories to Shelf Planner predefined product categories.

Shelf Planner’s Categories are predefined based on segmentation of Consumer Goods. In order for Shelf Planner to pro

Category Mapping

After installation and activation of the plugin, we will start processing your sales data and create an initial sales forecast for all of your products.

To make sure we understand the right trends and behaviour for the products in your store, Shelf Planner analyses hundreds of industries and segments.

Forecast Settings

In the ‘Forecast Settings’ you can change some of the default parameters we use for calculating your order proposals.

The default ‘Weeks of Stock’ (sometimes also referred to as Weeks of Cover’) is used to calculate your safety stock.

Safety stock can be managed for each individual product in the WooCommerce product pages (see Product Management)

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