Parameter Settings

Category Mapping

After installing Shelf Planner, a generic forecast is created for each and every product.

However, the quality of the forecast will improve significantly, if your store’s categories are mapped to so called customers segments.

Shelf Planner calculates the forecast for each product individually, but when the Shelf Planner team verifies the accuracy, we compare your products to generic patterns in order to pick up outliers, trends and to define cleansing rules.

Mapping of your store’s categories are managed in the Shelf Planner settings –> Category Mapping. Simply ‘drag and drop’ your categories in the right segment and press save.

After saving, the calculation process will run again and you will see an updated forecast presented in the Stock Analyses pages.

Forecast Settings

In the Forecast Settings you can change the default parameters for Weeks of Stock and Lead Time.

After installation, the default settings are 6 Weeks of Stock and 1 Week of Lead Time.

Product Settings

For each Product in WooCommerce, you can set a minimal stock treshold.

Shelf Planner calculates an ideal stock based on your forecast and stock movements, but in case you want to use the minimum stock, you can change the setting to ‘Use Min Stock’.

For each item, an Ideal Stock is calculated, but the Order Proposals are using the Minimum Stock if a value is present in for a product.

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