Set Up Suppliers

This articles describes how to set up suppliers for your store.

Add a new Supplier by select ‘Add Supplier’, or select an existing supplier from the list.

Supplier Details

General Information

Supplier details are used in both Shelf Planner reports and for the creation of purchase orders. General information such as Supplier Name, Contact Info and payment terms are used in the creation of Purchase Orders.

Email for Ordering

In the Premium Version of Shelf Planner, email for ordering is used to automatically update the supplier of purchase orders. In the Free version of Shelf Planner, this mail is added to the PO form.


Currency, and the currency code are used in the creation of the PO form.

Supplier Lead Times

The Supplier Lead Times is a default settings for all products from this supplier.

Product Lead Times take precedent. This means, if no lead time is set by product in the WooCommerce Product

Payment Terms

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