Splitting Back Orders for WooCommerce

Activation Back Order Management

To activate the splitting of back orders, go to ‘Back Orders’ in the main Shelf Planner menu.

Here you can activate the splitting of back orders by ticking the box ‘enable backorder’.

NOTE: Also by product, back orders have to be activated:

Splitting Back Orders

When your customer is creating an order and only part of the order can be fulfilled, Shelf Planner automatically splits the order.

In the example below, ‘Assar Wallet Cognac’ had ‘0’ units in stock. Assar Wallet Olive has ‘5’ units in stock.

In the WooCommerce Orders pages, 2 lines are created, one ‘On Hold’ for the item in stock, and one line for the item out of stock – ‘Backordered’:

For each order line, you will see the parent or child ID for the original order:

Every parent and child order has a link to the original order in the information fields at the bottom of the page.

Fulfilling Back Orders

Once the products is in stock again, the order can be fulfilled using the standard WooCommerce order processing fields:

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