Product Management

There are three ways to manage product settings:

  1. By Product in the WooCommerce Product Pages
  2. Through the ‘Bulk Edit’ in the Shelf Planner Product Management pages
  3. By downloading/uploading Excel Files.

In the following chapter we’ll describe all three options.

1. Bulk Edit

The Bulk Edit table allows you to change any of the forecasting and stock parameters by simply adding the measure to the table.

Change any of the values and your products are automatically updated.

2. WooCommerce Product Pages

When you install Shelf Planner for WooCommerce, a number of additional fields appear on the WooCommerce Product pages:

All of the ‘Shelf Planner Product Settings’ can be managed either on the individual product pages, or in the bulk edit table.

3. Upload Excel File

For stores with hundreds of items, it might be easier to upload an excel file.

The ‘Import/export’ feature on the Product Management pages lets you download a sample and simply upload a modified file.

More information about this feature can be found on page ‘Mass Product Editor’

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